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Taxiarchis Halkidiki

Taxiarchis Halkidiki

Information about Taxiarchis, Halkidiki

Taxiarchis is a traditional mountain village which is located in the heart of Mount Holomontas at an altitude of 670 meters. The distance from Thessaloniki Macedonia Airport is approximately 58 km and it is 15 km from Polygyros. In the village, you will pass through an idyllic route over the mountain. Taxiarchis is surrounded by dense forest of fir and pine. In Taxiarchis you will find traditional taverns, traditional stone houses, guesthouses, churches, and a beautiful square in which September the feast of mushrooms takes place.

Taxiarchis is visited by many tourists all seasons of the year to go hiking in the mountains. We suggest you stay in the guesthouse “Farma” or in "Guesthouse Jimmy's." In the area, you can go mountain biking or horse riding as you will find farms with horses that you can rent.


In Taxiarchis, many preserved buildings exemplify local architecture. Examples of this architecture are the house of the Macedonian chieftain Captain John Parliaris and Chani. Also, you must see the Sipotoura faucet and Arkoudolakka; a stream with very dense vegetation.

Taxiarchis is home to many trees which are best viewed in Christmas season throughout Greece.

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