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Nikiti Halkidiki

Nikiti Halkidiki

Information about Nikiti, Halkidiki

Nikiti is a coastal town in Sithonia Halkidiki. It is 105 km away from Thessaloniki and 36 km away from Polygyros. This is a small town with many natural beauties and long coastline. Nikiti during the summer months is being flushed out by Greek and foreign tourists who either reside in the city or visit the city just to swim in the beautiful beach and to have fun in the shops.

In Nikiti your accommodation options are many, since there are hotels, apartments and villas where you can make your holidays unforgetable. We suggest you the deluxe Danai Beach Resort & Villas which is located a few meters from the sea. Your other more economical options are the Porfi Beach Hotel, built just before Nikiti inside a pine trees area and the luxury apartments Sofia Luxury Maisonettes.


The area of Nikiti is wide and there are diamond beaches nearby, the best in Halkidiki, such as Akti Ai Gianni, Spathies beach, Karidi beach in Vourvourou, the beach in Elia Nikitis and Koviou beach. However the beach inside Nikiti is a very good choice too. We suggest to visit each day a different beach in Sithonia for your swimming. So you will enjoy the beauty of Sithonia in all its glory and enjoy the blue-green sea with the warm water.

Old Nikiti, is built on the hill, and spread around the church of Agios Nikitas built in the late 19th century next to the old church of the Assumption of the 14th century. The old village charms visitors with its superb Macedonian architecture and the houses are built of stone in a traditional way with its original colour.

In Nikiti there is everything for a demanding tourist. Traditional taverns, fish taverns with fresh fish, restaurants, cafes and bars, beach bars, fast foods and supermarkets. Additionally you will find atm machines to withdraw money from various banks, clinic, citizen service center (CSC) and post office. In Nikiti schools of all levels and port where boats and yachts use to tie up operate.


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