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Sarti Halkidiki

Sarti Halkidiki

Information about Sarti, Halkidiki

Sarti is a coastal resort with many tourists during the summer months and is located on the east side of the peninsula of Sithonia, just 135 km away from Thessaloniki and 77 km away from Polygyros. Sarti is an attraction for thousands of tourists every year since it combines the mountains and the sea. The long beach which is 3km long and is awarded the blue flag every year for its clean and shallow water. Along the beach, there are all kinds of shops, restaurants, bars, beach bars, and clubs which provide high-quality services to the tourists. The first thing you'll see in Sarti is the unique view of Aghion Oros and the peak of Mount Athos.

In Sarti, there are many rooms to let and small hotels, but, there are no excellent accommodations in this region. We suggest you stay at the incredible Villa Doxa which is just 100 meters from the sea. Other accommodations could be Rodon Garden and Villa Irida.


Within a short distance from Sarti, there are great points of interest for tourists, such as the beach Kavourotripes and Armenistis beach, which is a popular campsite. In Sarti, you can enjoy water sports like diving, surfing, kayaking, and water skiing. Also from Sarti cruises to Mount Athos (Aghion Oros) start.

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