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Sykia Halkidiki

Sykia Halkidiki

Information about Sykia, Halkidiki

Sykia is one of the biggest villages in Sithonia, and it is located 160 km away from Thessaloniki. It is situated on the southeastern side of the peninsula and it is famous for its long beach and its history. In Sykia, findings from the 11th century BC have been excavated. The old settlement is an excellent example of the traditional architecture of the 19th century. The 2,300 inhabitants are mainly engaged in tourism, fishing, agriculture, and stickraising.

The accommodation choices at Sykia are rooms to let, small hotels, and campsites. We recommend the Anthemida Rooms and A Ponte Studios & Apartments located on the main road at a distance of less than one kilometer from the beach.


The beach in Sykia is a long sandy beach with shallow water which is 3 km away from the village. It is awarded the blue flag and is ideal for families and nature lovers. There are also many smaller beaches separated by creeks. In the main beach of the village, there two old windmills are worth visiting. On the beach, there are restaurants where you can eat fresh fish and drink coffee.

The village has a clinic, a supermarket, and several shops where you can buy anything you need.

Nearby, there is a hill named Cuckos. Here, there is also an old settlement and cemetery, which was built during the Bronze and Iron Age. Many manuscripts mention Sykia with the name Longos. During the Byzantine Empire, the whole area belonged to the monasteries of Mount Athos (Aghion Oros).

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Pirgadikia Halkidiki

Pirgadikia Halkidiki

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