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Vourvourou Halkidiki

Vourvourou Halkidiki

Information about Vourvourou, Halkidiki

Vourvourou is a tourist resort which is located in the northeastern part of Sithonia in Halkidiki, in a distance of 103 km from Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki. It is a settlement with several cottages and accommodations, harmonized with the unique beauty of the region which is flanked by lands with pine trees and exotic beaches with blue-green water. It is a destination that you should definitely visit during your holidays in Halkidiki. The settlement is developed along the beach, opposite from a cluster of nine islands, with the biggest of them called Diaporo. It has magnificent beaches. All beaches in the area are unique, with sandy coasts and calm water. The most famous of these are Karidi Beach with pine trees that almost reach the waves of the sea, the beach Livari and beach of Mpara.

In Vourvourou there are many rooms to let and hotels. For your stay we recommend the hotel Ekies All Senses Resort and the stone houses "Ta Petrina". In addition there are many apartments and villas that overlook the bay of Vourvourou like Thalassokipos and Fillis House.


On Diaporo island you can reach by boat which you can rent from Vourvourou, there is a natural bay with shallow crystal clear water. Also you can make small boat trips to the rest of the islands which hide unique paradises. Also in Diaporos island you will see the ruins of the church of St. Andrew which are dated back in pre-Byzantine season.

In Vourvourou there is a model settlement where there are houses of exceptional architecture. These houses belong to professors from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which is worth to be visited. Also you will find everything you need for your stay, such as restaurants, fish taverns, pizzerias, Beach Bars and Bars, cafes, super market, while in just 10 km away is located Agios Nikolaos, a picturesque village, where there is a police station, ATM cash machine and the Health Center of the region. You can spend an afternoon to eat local meat to traditional taverns which you will find in the village of Aghios Nicholaos.

If you love the mountain and hiking, we encourage you to walk on the green slopes of Mount Itamos which are stretching over Vourvourou.  There, you will live a unique experience in nature enjoying the beauty of the forest, overlooking Aghion Oros and the Aegean Sea. At the top of the mountain you will find the fire-brigade from which you have an indescribable view to Halkidiki.

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Fillis House
Fillis House

Forty Roses
Forty Roses

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