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City Car Rental

City Car Rental

CITY CAR RENTAL, is a car rental company operating in Northern Greece and is based in Thessaloniki.

Enjoy your vacation or business trip by renting a car easily and quickly!

Car Rental Thessaloniki, with the distinctive title City Car rental car hire is based in Thessaloniki. It is known for its quality and unbeatable prices in the car hire industry. Our specialized staff with friendly and fast service has the priority to offer rental cars that meet the needs of our customers, offering affordable travel or business travel solutions at an affordable price.
Our fleet covers a very wide range of new car models. With manual or automatic transmission, gasoline or diesel, open vehicles, jeeps and SUVs as well as luxury cars to meet all requirements. Our cars are thoroughly inspected prior to delivery to the customer and have 24-hour roadside assistance for your complete safety.

The City Car Rental headquarters are located in the center of Thessaloniki. But we serve many stations for which you can consult the reservation table. We offer 24-hour telephone support. At our head office, the delivery – receipt of the rental vehicle is not subject to overnight charges as we operate 24 hours / 7 days!

City Car Rental welcomes you to Thessaloniki, the city with its 2300 years of history and unique monuments.

Trust the CITY CAR RENTAL and enjoy driving!

Contact Details:

Telephone GR: +30 2310202029
Telephone DE: +49 1792607716
E-mail: [email protected]

Website City Car Rental Facebook City Car Rental

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