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4 great locations for family holidays in Halkidiki

4 great locations for family holidays in Halkidiki

Halkidiki offers many different options in terms of entertainment, beaches, food, etc. Because of this variety, it covers all tastes. Whether you want to go on vacations on your own or with your family, you can find the most suitable choice for you. Golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and shallow seas make it one of the best and safest travel destinations for families. Let's now see 4 villages of Halkidiki that are perfect if you want to travel with your family.


Let's start with the first peninsula of Halkidiki, the peninsula of Kassandra. One of the best choices for family vacations is the Sani area. You will find large and fully equipped hotel units that will give you all the comforts you desire. Shallow and organized beaches will help you have pleasant times with your family and also there are lifeguards to make sure everything is under control. You can relax at a beach bar, which provides you with everything you may need. Overall at Sani Resort there are plenty of shops, restaurants, bars and they are all located in a small area, so if you have young children, you don't have to worry about long distances. Also, there are many playgrounds and fields where children can play throughout your vacations. Finally, Sani Festival is organized every year so you can attend many kinds of events and have fun.

Neos Marmaras:

Neos Marmaras is a village located at the ​​second peninsula called Sithonia. It is one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the second peninsula and it definitely worths a visit. You will find everything you may need, as the area has its own market, supermarket, pharmacies, medical office, banks, etc. The beach is one of the largest beaches in the area and you can either lay at a beach bar or bring your own umbrella and stay at the beach all day. You can also prepare some meals or snacks and spend an unforgettable day at the beach. In this case don't forget your sunscreen. Moreover, the Port of Neos Marmaras has the perfect sunset view and you can walk around until evening. You can also visit a seaside tavern where you will find delicious dishes for both you and your children. The location of Neos Marmaras is also favorable for day trips to the surrounding area, as many beautiful beaches are near. In addition, next to Neos Marmaras is the famous Porto Carras Hotel, where you can stay and have all the comforts.


In general the first peninsula of Halkidiki is most popular for fun and parties, while the second one has villages more suitable for family vacations. More specifically, Vourvourou is a tranquil area that is ideal for relaxation for you and your family. You can rent an apartment by the sea and enjoy endless hours of fun and playing in the water and at the beach. If you are more adventurous you can try water sports, canoe kayak, water bike or some other water activity. The natural beauty of the area will fascinate you and will also inspire you to try some more activities in nature such as hiking and cycling.


Ouranoupolis is one of the few areas of the third peninsula, before Mount Athos, that is accessible to all. Although it is quite large in size and has plenty of tourism, it is not very secular, compared to other areas of Halkidiki. You can take a boat from Ouranoupoli and take a tour at Mount Athos, swim in the blue waters and admire the lush and the natural scenery. One of the must-see attractions of Ouranoupolis is the Tower of Ouranoupolis. You can admire its beauty and learn its history. In this way you can combine your summer vacations with fun and education at the same time. In the area is the famous Eagles Palace Hotel. Its services can make your family vacations unforgettable.

If you are more interested in nature excursions and archaeological sites, you can also choose a region of Northern Halkidiki. Of course you can do this all year long and you don't have to wait summer.

So these were 4 areas of Halkidiki that we recommend for a family vacation. We hope we gave you ideas for next summer and we hope you and your family have relaxing and enjoyable vacations.

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