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Two hotels in Halkidiki are in the 10 best European family hotels

Two hotels in Halkidiki are in the 10 best European family hotels

According to the British newspaper Guardian, two good choices for holidays, which are able to give pleasure to parents who want the ideal both for their children and for themselves, are in Greece and more specifically in Halkidiki! Both of them are beautiful hotels for quiet family vacation, at very good prices in proportion to what they offer.

The first one is named “Ekies All Senses Resort”, and it is in the second place in the list. It is located in Vourvourou, one step from the beach. As it is reported in Guardian, this hotel is the ideal destination for a relaxed break.

In this hotel, there are treehouses, playgrounds, restaurants and everything else is needed for the perfect combination of pleasure for visitors of every age. The decoration is minimalistic and in complete harmony with the landscape.

The second greek choice of Guardian is located in the port of Olimpiada, it is close to the promontory where Aristotelis was born, and it is named Liotopi. Liotopi is a traditional hotel which will give you the opportunity to calm and enjoy traditional greek holidays. Its menu is magnificent and for sure it will completely satisfy you. Its staff is friendly and you will feel like home . It is one more ideal choice for carefree family vacation.

Gallery Two hotels in Halkidiki are in the 10 best European family hotels

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