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9 Most Romantic Date Night Restaurants in Halkidiki, Greece

9 Most Romantic Date Night Restaurants in Halkidiki, Greece

In Halkidiki you will find many places to have fun and a good time. But there are a lot of places where you can just relax and have a romantic dinner. They say the way to someone's heart is through the stomach, so in this blog post, you will find 9 of the best and most romantic restaurants in Halkidiki, to take your loved ones to dinner. Find the perfect choice for you and have fun!

Anassa by the sea

A restaurant that, as its name Anassa means, is breathtaking. It is located next to the beach of Fourka and creates a beautiful and romantic atmosphere for a meal of two. The award-winning restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine, based on seasonal ingredients and fresh seafood. It is one of the restaurants that is definitely worth visiting on your trip there.

Ammos Restaurant

Breakfast, lunch or dinner by the sea? At Ammos restaurant you can enjoy it all. Special dishes, excellent location and the best service. It is a great choice for a romantic dinner overlooking the sunset. It is located in the Sani area on the first peninsula of Halkidiki and it stands out among other nearby restaurants.

Thokos Cafe Bar Pizza Bistro

If you are more interested in the location, Thokos in Nea Fokea is the right place for you. It is built on the hill, surrounded by palm trees, next to the sea and with a magical view. It has everything that you ask for. It's not a classic day-time restaurant, but you can find pasta, pizza, salads, hamburgers, club sandwiches and more.


A restaurant in Ouranoupoli, on the third peninsula of Halkidiki. The area itself is quiet and ideal for two people, but also the surroundings of the restaurant, which stretches over a magnificent rooftop, makes this restaurant one of the best choices. It has an international gourmet cuisine that promises unique taste experiences. It is located in Eagles Palace Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in Halkidiki and you can combine your visit to the restaurant, with your stay there. The perfect escape for two.

Thea Thalassa

One of the most traditional taverns in Halkidiki. You will find a variety of seafood, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. It is located at the first peninsula of Halkidiki and more specifically in Afitos, which is one of the most picturesque villages of Halkidiki. Overlooking the sea from above, as well as the picturesque stone alleys, will make you enjoy a romantic dinner at its best.

Sousourada & Sgouros Skatzoxiros

This is another restaurant in the village of Afitos, but very different from the previous one. This restaurant is located on a beautiful porch and has some of the most delicious dishes that you will find in Halkidiki. It offers excellent flavors, based on local products and an excellent location. The environment compensates even the most demanding customers.


It is located in Porto Koufo, which is a small village in the second peninsula of Halkidiki, in Sithonia. It is a very quiet and perfect for couples. Local seafood restaurants offer fresh seafood. More specifically, at Tzitzikas tavern you will find the most fresh fish and the most pleasant atmosphere. Ideal for two and a romantic date.

Villa Stasa Fish Tavern

It is located in an excellent location in the Agia Paraskevi Baths and is one of the best fish taverns in the area of Kassandra in terms of food and environment. It is located at a balcony with sea views and fresh seafood. During your visit, you can also visit Agia Paraskevi's Thermal Baths. Sauna, Hammam, Jacuzzi and more, to help you relax and create an idyllic atmosphere.

To Simadi Fish Tavern Restaurant

A small fish tavern next to the sea, in one of the most beautiful places in Halkidiki. It is located in the area of Neos Marmaras and more specifically on Paradeisos beach, which, as its name implies, is a terrestrial paradise. You can enjoy the sunset along with a romantic meal for two. Fresh fish and mediterranean cuisine is a must when you travel to Greece and more specifically Halkidiki.

These were some of the most unique restaurants, ideal for two people. You can find more restaurants and choose your own favorites here:

Bon appetit! :)

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