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The best nightlife activities in Halkidiki

The best nightlife activities in Halkidiki

Halkidiki is well-known for the nightlife. Especially, the first peninsula of Halkidiki, Kassandra, is the most cosmopolitan one and has the best nightlife. There are many things you can do to spend your evenings beautifully and have fun. During the summer, Halkidiki sinks from young people enjoying its nightlife. When we say nightlife in Halkidiki, we usually mean a club. But there are also other night activities that help you live unforgettable moments.

Like we said before, nightlife equals clubs. There are many clubs and the most popular are on the first peninsula and more specifically in Kallithea. In summer time, many people gather, especially on the weekends. Not only tourists that stay in Kallithea, but also people from all parts of Halkidiki and some even come from Thessaloniki, just to have fun in Kallithea at night. The most known are the Angels, Pearl and Ahoy, located in Kallithea, one next to the other. A little further and also very popular are Aqua and Spitaki. Spitaki is a bit more relaxing and you can enjoy your cocktail overlooking the sea from above.

So if you prefer a more relaxed bar we have some more suggestions for you. NOTOS All Day Cafe Bar is located in Athitos, on the top of a rock, with a breathtaking view. A visit there will compensate you. Ploto Bar in Neos Marmaras is also a great choice. It is located next to the sea and as its name implies in Greek, it looks like a floating boat. There are some nights that are organized with singers, so it combines the nightlife of a club. Here, you can find more choices and find the one that suits you best.

If you like parties at the beach, you can choose a beach bar and spend your night there. Or not just the night. From the morning till next morning, you can enjoy the sea, have a cool cocktail, relax at the beach and when the sun goes down, you can spend the night in the bar for endless dance until the morning. Some of the most popular beach bars throughout Halkidiki are the Talgo Beach Bar in Vourvourou, the Manassu Beach Bar in Akti Oneirou and the Molos Beach Bar in Hanioti. If you are looking for something that is closer to Thessaloniki, you can choose the Sahara Resort Beach Bar in Nea Iraklia.

If you want something more relaxed and something that includes food, you could enjoy a dinner by the sea. There are many taverns that are so close to the sea and the waves almost hit them. In the evening the atmosphere and the view there is beautiful. Here you can find various romantic restaurants and taverns and have a unique evening-night.

Moreover in Halkidiki, there are many feasts & festivals so if you're interested, you can attend something like that. There are so many events and festivals for all tastes and you will surely find something that suits you. Some of the most famous are the Kassandra Festival, the Sani Festival, the Afitos Festival, etc. In addition, there are various festivals that concern traditional products of Halkidiki, such as the olive festival, the tsipouro festival, the honey festival and more, where you can taste the products and enjoy good music. Besides, a traditional Greek night is always something special. You can find more details about a specific festival or event here.

Last but not least, if you prefer a simple and relaxed night, you can spend your evening on the beach, for a night swim, relax at the sandy beach and just watch the stars or relax with a guitar playing in the background with your friends.

These were our suggestions for clubs, bars and nighlife activities in general all over Halkidiki. Famous Djs, greek artists, international music, pure greek mpouzouki and much more will help you have a memorable experience and will keep you awake all night.

Have fun! :)

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