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Corfu Island in Ionion

Corfu Island in Ionion

Corfu is one of the most cosmopolitan islands of the Ionian. It compose a unique scenery of picturesque local elements and Venetian characteristics. Many people (English, Russian, French, etc.) passed from Corfu and basically left their mark, which becomes apparent to you when you rich the island. It has 110000 inhabitants and it is among the largest islands in Greece. The most part of it is mountainous.

The best beaches in Corfu:
Corfu has unique beaches which make a wonderful scenery for even the most demanding person. The most of them are crowded but there are several calm too. The frequent changes in the landscape will leave you speechless. We suggest to you some of them in the list below:

  • Sidari: Sidari is one of the largest and best-known beaches in Corfu. It has got sand and shallow water so it is ideal for families. Around the beach the scenery is enchanting. You will see caves and cliffs which form a unique natural landscape. At Sidari you will meet the canal of love (Canal D`Amour), a very small and quiet beach with turquoise water. It is ideal for couples and romantic situations.Glyfada: Glyfada is a beautiful beach with calm water and sand. Undoubtedly it is among the most popular choices on the island. There you will find facilities for watersports, beach volley and excellent organization. Because of its large area it is ideal both for young people who want to have fun and for families which look for quiet situations and safe beaches for little children.Paleokastritsa Beaches: Paleokastritsa is one of the most famous and picturesque villages of Corfu. It has 6 beautiful beaches for all tastes. We begin with Agios Spyridonas, which is the most cosmopolitan. It is sandy, well organized, with facilities for watersports. We continue with Agia Triada. It is a pretty wild beach, with deep blue water and rocks. It is organized and there you can indulge in various watersports. Another very good choice is Agios Petros which basically is the ideal choice for people who love watersports. Unlike the most beaches of Corfu it has no sand but pebbles. Moreover, the beach of Alypa is sandy and it is surrounded by rocks. There you will find nice places to drink your coffee and eat local food. You can also visit Platakia. They are two beautiful pebble beaches with sufficient organization. Finally, Ambelaki, perhaps the most quiet beach of Paleokastritsa, has deep water and rocks inside which makes it a very interesting choice for exploration.
  • Ai-Gordis: Another lovely beach, sandy and with enough organization to be comfortable. The water is deep but calm. You can engage in watersports if you wish. Next to the main beach of Ai-Gordis you will encounter a small naturist beach.Liapades: A tropical beach with turquoise water and surrounded by dense vegetation and caves. For many people, the best beach on the island. There, you will find an adequate organization and the option to rent a boat and explore the surrounding caves.
  • Halikounas: Another great beach with golden sand and lovely shallow water. When you arrive you will see dunes and rocks and will immediately understand that this is a different and unforgettable beach. It is a popular choice for people who involve with windsurfing since it has waves quite often. Nearby you will find a taverna where you can eat good food and buy the necessities. Also in a small distance of Halikounas there is the lake of Korission, the largest wetland on the island.Issos: Such as Halikounas, Issos is located next to the Korission lake and basically its coast is formed by the vast sandy expanse of the lake which reminds a desert, so the landscape is very impressive. There is also the famous kedrodrasos of Corfu in this area. The beach is well organized and has a beach bar so you will be comfortable and have everything you need.
  • Paradise: A special pebble beach and wild natural beauty around it. It is located in large and steep cliffs and is only accessible by boat. If you like nature and you want to swim in a virgin landscape without any human intervention it is the right beach for you.Cannon of Cassiopeia: A very different and secluded beach with turquoise water and flat rocks from which you can do dip in the sea. It is a beach which specially is preferred by locals and they definitelly sugest it to you. It is ideal for diving.Myrtiotissa: A very alternative beach which has become quite popular in recent years. It has sand and clear blue water. It is a very good choice for diving because of its special seabed. All around you will find some of the best tavernas of Corfu where you can enjoy your meal after swimming.

What to do in Corfu:
Corfu is one of these islands in which constantly you have something to do or something to see. Below we I suggest some of the things you should not miss before leaving it.

  • Wander in the streets of Corfu: Corfu is a city of contrasts. With your visit there you will immediately understand the impact on the architecture of all the people and cultures which passed through the island. The old city is magnificent. There, French, British and Venetian elements coexist. Walk the streets of and feel that you are in another period of time. It is no coincidence that the city of Corfu is protected by Unesco.Visit sights and important places: While wandering in the city you will come across many sites and important monuments which worth to be seen. Some of them are the church of Saint Spiridonas, the cosmopolitan center of Liston, the Cathedral of Saint Christopher and Iakovos, the Jewish synagogue, the Saint George at the Old Fortress, the Spianada Square, which is the largest square in Greece and it is located in the old town, the Old and New Fortress, various mansions and villas, the Ionian Academy, the municipal art gallery, the Archaeological Museum, the Asian Art Museum and many more which you will discover by yourself.
  • Try various watersports and diving: In many of the beaches of Corfu you can indulge in various watersports. Ideal options are the beach of Dassia, Agios Petros and Agios Spyridonas. The best options for windsurfing are the two neighboring beaches of Halikounas and Issos. Finally, Corfu has many beaches with special seabed rocks and caves, elements which make them unbeatable on diving. That's why there are several organized diving schools which will guide you in order to have a different experience, always with the necessary security.Try traditional dishes: Corfu is famous for its special cuisine. So if you are there don't forget to try local food. Some of the best known is the pastitsada, sofrito and bourdeto. Also you can buy fresh local products such as kumquat, sausages, pure olive oil and ginger beer.
  • Easter in Corfu: If you are lucky enough to spend Easter in Corfu you will live a unique experience. People from all around the world flood the island at Easter. The customs are special and you will not see them anywhere else. For example, custom Mpotides (the locals throw pitchers from the balconies of their homes) which is the combination of Venetian and Orthodox tradition. The procession of the Epitaph accompanied by the philharmonic orchestra of Corfu, which has received many awards and honors worldwide.
  • Corfu and religious tourism: Corfu, and more specifically the north side of it, is full of churches and monasteries which will enchant the lovers of religious tourism. Some of the most important monuments that you will see is the Monastery of Pantokrator, the Hermitage of Nymphs, which is abandoned and one of the oldest Christian monasteries in Corfu and Panagia Kassopitra.Explore the picturesque villages of Corfu: In Corfu you will meet more than 100 beautiful picturesque villages, rich in history and architectural interest.
  • Visit Paleokastritsa one of the most popular seaside villages with some of the best beaches. Moreover visit Varypatades, Nymphes, Lakka, Lefkimi, Pelekas and Agios Mattheos.Make trips by boat: Don't miss the opportunity to make a trip by boat or a small ship. Apart from the coasts of Corfu, which are quite accessible only by this way, you can visit Paxos and other small islands (Mathraki, Vido etc). Moreover, trips to Albania are organized quite often.
  • Play Cricket: Corfu is the only area in Greece which has the infrastructure and people actively engaged in this sport. You can try to play in the fields of the clubs or watch a match.
  • Activities in nature: Corfu is the ideal island for such activities. It has lush vegetation, lakes, waterfalls (eg Nymphs's waterfalls), caves and small rivers, and as well as very interesting old buildings. There are several hiking trails which you can take and additional biking is an activity closely connected with the island. You can also go horseback riding, especially in some parts of the north side of the island. There are several places protected by the program Natura. Finally, don't forget to visit the habitat of Lefkimi, the Korission lake and the cedar forest which surrounds it and the Erimitis.

Where to stay in Corfu:

Select for your accommodation what suits more your needs and make your holidays an unforgettable experience.

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