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Galini Beach Hotel Apartments

Galini Beach Hotel Apartments

Galini is located in Κallithea Chalkidiki and it’s just one step from the beach. Its amazing view magnifies the visitors. All our rooms have a sea view. We also have a beach bar where you can rest and enjoy your drinks or your food by the sea! Galini means tranquility. So you can leave your worries behind and enjoy every moment!

Galini consists of twenty five rooms. Ten double and fifteen triple. It’s a really nice choice for all the visitors who need relaxation and a top choice for families. The rooms have single beds and there are also five rooms with a double bed too. There are rooms with a kitchen and without and all the rooms are furnished! There is internet access in all our rooms and on the beach! Galini is close to the village ( just 5 minutes from the village on foot) it is close to Thessaloniki just eighty kilometres away and it is a place where you can find everything you want ! from restaurands to tavernas and from bars to funfairs!

Contact details:

Mobile: +30 698 310 9871
E-mail: [email protected]

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