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Kallithea Halkidiki

Kallithea Halkidiki

Information about Kallithea, Halkidiki

During the summer, Kallithea is the most popular village in Halkidiki. It is located in the first peninsula of Halkidiki, Kassandra. Kallithea is 85 km away from Thessaloniki and it is the most cosmopolitan place in Halkidiki. If you cross the center of the village you can visit the beaches of Kallithea and other villages of Eastern Kassandra such as PefkohoriHaniotiPolichronoKriopigi and Paliouri, or some parts of Western Kassandrasuch as FourkaPosidi and Agia Paraskevi. The center of Kallithea is the crossroad that leads to these two directions. Afitos is nearby, so you can go there for an afternoon walk there.

There are many cheap accommodations and luxury hotels. One of the most well-known luxury resorts in Kallithea is the Aegean Melathron Thalasso Spa Hotel. In the same area Athos Palace and Pallini Beach are located.


The name of Kallithea comes from the beautiful location where the village is located; a beautiful pine forest surrounds it. It is also the largest shopping center in Halkidiki. There, you can find many stores like gold shops, fur shops, shoe stores, clothing stores, supermarkets, banks, post office, clinic, travel agencies, car rental offices, fast foods, restaurants, cafes, bars, and even go-kart racing. Kallithea covers all the needs of even the most demanding visitors.

In the beach of Kallithea, you will find beach bars where wild parties take place all day long.

1,5 km away from Kallithea, on the road that leads to Pefkohori, you will find the most popular nightclubs in Halkidiki. Kallithea is the ultimate place to choose if you are a fan of clubbing. Τhrough the summer until mid-September, clubs with the best DJs in Northern Greece play live Buzuki music and clubs with Strip Show are operating. During the summer, many young people from Thessaloniki visit Kallithea to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the first peninsula and also to have fun.

In the center of Kallithea, you will find the Russian style Church of St. Panteleimon. Just below the hill, there is an archaeological site where the temple of Dionysus, the Nymphs, and part of Ammon Zeus and the altar area have been excavated.

Finally, Kallithea provides high-quality travel services and satisfies all its guests. If you like crowded areas, you should spend some days and nights in Kallithea. During the summer months, and especially on August 15th, the traffic in the area can become stifling. Kallithea is ideal for people who seek wild nightlife and parties!

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