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Nautilus Property

Nautilus Property

Nautilus Property offers real estate in Halkidiki and select areas of Greece. Discover your dream villa, townhouse, land plot or investment real estate by the sea!

Nautilus Property was created by a team of professionals sharing a common vision: To effectively serve the fast-growing market for seasonal/holiday housing and investment property, in selected coastal and island areas of Greece, especially in Halkidiki.

The basic aim is to provide integrated intermediary services to both sellers and buyers of Greek real estate. For this purpose, we have built a strong team, supported by attorneys at law, architects, and housing developers as well as established close collaborations with other reputable Greek real estate agents and property evaluators.

Our portfolio of properties is meticulously selected to ensure maximum value for the overseas investor.

The Nautilus Property team, working with absolute professionalism and discretion, will be your valuable aide, offering solid, unbiased advice during the entire selecting and buying process. Moreover, our experts will also assist you in matters of financing, insurance, and even house renovation services.

We are looking forward to serving your needs for a new spectacular holiday home, or investment project, under the Mediterranean sun!

Contact details:

Telephone: +30 23740 25090
Mobile: +30 69 9722 2121, +30 69 3828 0004
E-mail: [email protected]

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Paliouri Halkidiki

Paliouri Halkidiki

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