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Poligiros Halkidiki

Poligiros Halkidiki

Information about Poligiros, Halkidiki

Poligiros is a modern town of 6000 inhabitants and is the capital of Halkidiki. It is located 70 km away from Thessaloniki and the nearest beach is Kalyves Polygyrou at a distance of 16km. It spreads on the one side of Mount Holomontas. In Poligiros public services offices, the Hospital of Halkidiki, the Firebrigade and the Police Station are established. There are also many sports facilities, traditional houses, green spaces and of course a great view of the surroundings. The city is known for its nightlife since there are many bars.

In Poligiros there is the Archaeological Museum and the Folklore Museum with significant artifacts which were excavated in the region of Halkidiki. During the summer months in Poligiros several cultural events are organized.

Although Poligiros is not a tourist destination, there are several accommodations which meet the needs of its visitors. One of them is Hotel Marelia mansion which was built the early last century with respect to the traditional architecture.


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