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Tourist guide to Halkidiki - Beaches

Tourist guide to Halkidiki - Beaches

The main reason that Halkidiki is a popular destination, is its beautiful beaches with golden coasts, crystal clear waters and rich lush in the surrounding area. In this tourist guide, you will find some of the most famous beaches of Halkidiki, which have nothing to enchant even from beaches of the most exotic islands in the world and they definitely worth a visit. Many of the beaches of Halkidiki have been awarded with blue flags, which is a global distinction. If you want to know more about the blue flags in Halkidiki and more specifically the multiple distinctions in 2017, here.

Let's start with the first peninsula of Halkidiki, Kassandra. If you are a wildlife enthusiast and you like exploring the seabed, the beach of Nea Fokea is for you. It is also a great choice for diving. If you prefer the shallow beaches with crystal clear waters, Chrouso Beach in Paliouri is appropriate for you. There is also a lot of beach bars, if you want to relax on the sunbeds or party all day. If you prefer beaches that are more crowded and have beach bars, the beaches of Hanioti and Pefkohori are the most famous for this cause. Of course we should not forget the beach of Afitos, where you find the cleanest waters all over Halkidiki. Finally, if you want to find a beach for the whole family, Siviri will satisfy your needs.

The second peninsula, Sithonia, is the one that is famous for the magical natural landscapes that the area has. Kavourotripes is the most famous beach, which is really like heaven. Of course, if you prefer something more quite and less crowded, you can go to the nearby beach, called Mega Portokali. You will find the same beauty, but less people, as this beach is a bit harder to reach. However, your visit there, will reward you with its beauty. Sarti is a beach for all tastes. It has a 3km coast and that's the reason that it satisfies every visitor. Whether you are with your family and want to relax, or if you prefer fun, Sarti will compensate you. Another very beautiful and well-known beach is Neos Marmaras. With the view of the island Kelifos, the first peninsula and the mountain of the Gods, Mount Olympus, you will spend unforgettable moments there.

And last but not least, we have the third peninsula of Halkidiki. The Athos peninsula, as we know it, has the "avato" for women. But there are areas at the beginning of the leg, which are accessible by everyone and the beaches at the area are fantastic. In Ouranoupoli you will find various beaches, awarded with blue flags, and in Nea Rhoda as well. You will find peaceful beaches, with not many people around and everything you need to relax on your vacations. Ammouliani is also a very good choice. It is a small island next to the third peninsula of Halkidiki. Although its size, it is very easily accessible and its beauty will enchant you.

This was the tourist guide for the beaches of Halkidiki. We hope you got an idea and all the information that you needed, if you intend to travel to Halkidiki. Happy New Year and don't forget to travel more! :)

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Sani Halkidiki

Sani Halkidiki

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