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How to Plan a Road-Trip in Halkidiki, Greece

How to Plan a Road-Trip in Halkidiki, Greece

There is no better way to explore Halkidiki, than to arrange a road trip. Road trip or in other words a car excursion, is the perfect choice for an adventurous and spontaneous trip. You have the freedom to visit any places you want, there is flexibility in the program and of course the ability to change plans. Also, you can see as many places as you can and Halkidiki is one of the best destinations to organize such an escape.

Whether you want to plan a road trip in one of Halkidiki's peninsulas, or you want to visit all of its villages, in this blog post you will find some steps you can follow, as well as some tips, that will make your trip easier.

In Halkidiki you will find many beautiful places and beaches that you can access only by car. So the first and most important part of a road trip, is to have or rent a car. Because Road Trip without a car, can't be done!! Make sure the car that you rent will be suitablefor your trip. Perhaps a small city car is not the ideal choice. Also, make sure you to make all the necessary checks before you start. Oils, tires, gasoline, liquids and all that stuff. You can find information about renting a car in Halkidiki at the following link and you can hire a car directly:

Access in Halkidiki is quite easy and the road is full of informative signs and signs that will help you reach your destination without any problem. More generally, if you want to find information on how to get to Halkidiki, read here.

A very useful tool that will definitely help you, is the interactive map of Halkidiki. Especially in the summer season, it is very common to have increased traffic and often traffic jams. Here you can see an interactive map of Halkidiki with live traffic and in case of high traffic, there are alternative roads that you can follow.

Moreover, you can buy or print a map. GPS is great, but if the battery runs out or you don't have signal, you won't know where to go. You must have a map with you just in case. You can even note some places that you want to see on the map.

Also have a program. Make a snap schedule and you don't have to follow it. Of course, be open to spontaneous suggestions, this is the meaning of a road trip, but it is a good idea to have some guidelines beforehand, so you don't waste time looking for places to visit, during the trip.

Depending on the type of tourism you are interested in, find similar points of interest. For example, if archaeological tourism is your priority, you could visit Stagira, where Aristotle was born, the theme park "Aristotle's Park", the Petralona Cave, etc. Search for more here.

If you are interested in religious tourism, then you should not miss to visit isolated monasteries within nature and imposing churches in Halkidiki. More specifically, the steps of Apostle Paul, Panagia Plastariotissa in Kalandra and Mount Athos are such examples. Find more information on religious tourism, here.

If you just want to relax and melt in all the sunbeds of Halkidiki, we suggest you visit the following beaches.

For the first peninsula of Kassandra: the beach of Afytos with crystal clear waters, the beach of Nea Fokea for wildlife lovers, the lagoon of Glarokavos that is unique and also Chrosso Beach in Paliouri if you like shallow waters, those are among the top choices.

For the second peninsula of Sithonia: Kavourotrypes which is a small paradise, Sarti with its long beach, Neos Marmaras, as well as Nikiti which are villages with the most famous beaches of the second peninsula, certainly will not disappoint you.

Lastly, although the third peninsula includes mainly Mount Athos, it also has some beaches that will impress you, such as those of Ouranoupolis, Nea Roda and the island of Ammouliani.

Find out some more suggestions here and of course you can see the corresponding maps of Kassandra and Sithonia to choose the beaches of your choice.

North Halkidiki has also many places worth seeing and can be included in your road trip.  Northern Halkidiki consists of the Holomont mountain area, with picturesque villages, rich forests, rivers and lush landscapes that are suitable for tranquility and relaxation. Arnea, Polygyros and Ierissos are some of the most famous villages in Northern Halkidiki.

Let's go and see some important tips for every kind of road trip.

Company is one of the most important factors to have a good time. It may sound simple and obvious, but at a road trip it is crucial. When you are on the road for a long time, it is certain that you want to enjoy yourself and not to have arguments for anything that may arise. So choose people and friends who know well and share common interests. In this way you will surely avoid uncomfortable situations, that can ruin your journey.

It is also a good idea to have more than one driver, so that your trip is more relaxing for everyone.

The weather can be an ally, but also an enemy. So don't forget to be informed about the weather. In this way you won't have to worry about an unexpected thing, that can cause problems in your escape. Be prepared and dressed accordingly and have all the necessary supplies with you.

Of course don't forget to get some food and water. Also have some restaurants in your mind and if supplies are over, you will have an alternative. For Halkidiki, you can find some restaurant suggestions here.

Last but not least, you can find some useful phones in Halkidiki, if needed.

Let the road trip begin! :)

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