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Christmas trees from Taxiarchis

Taxiarchis in Halkidiki region is a village dedicated to the cultivation of fir trees which will be forwarded to the Christmas market as Christmas trees. Each year more than 50.000 natural Christmas trees ship from the region of Cholomontas and mainly from Taxiarchis village across all Greece and decorate our homes. Residents of Taxiarchis are being significantly involved in this type of cultivation and have planted large areas – which were not cultivated – with fir trees which contribute to the beauty of the natural landscape.

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Four things you should do while visiting Halkidiki


Most places of Halkidiki offer you the most quite environment in order to get away of your daily routine and enjoy nature’s beauty...

Go for a walk nearby the sea, or hike on a mountain, close your eyes and feel the silence. It’s the only way to understand why Halkidiki is a paradiseon earth. Either you visit the region individually, as a couple or with your family consider taking some moments of privacy for yourself to reset your mind and feel completely free.

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Thessaloniki: An alternative city

So yes we are proud! Out of 10 cities that the famous British newspaper The Guardian suggests for small alternative travelling experiences Thessaloniki currently holds number...

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Winter is coming...

...and you should start thinking of visiting Halkidiki!

Summer is almost over. Well, maybe if we are lucky enough we could enjoy one or two more excursions to Halkidiki during October.

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Halkidiki through a sailing boat. (Part 2)

A couple of weeks ago we described our trip with a sailing boat nearby the coast of Halkidiki. For all of you that you enjoyed reading it and you didn’t get bored (we have to admit it was a bit long) this will be part 2 of our story with more information about what you will need in order to be ready for a sailing experience. We ‘ll try to keep it short this time.

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Halkidiki through a sailing boat. (Part 1)

We hope that your summer so far was unique. That each moment you spent in Halkidiki will remain unforgettable and of course that any information you found in the webpages of HalkidikiTravel were quite useful to explore a little paradise. This year the team of HalkidikiTravel decided to spent their holidays a little bit differently so it could also have the opportunity to evaluate the services of one of its partners in the field of sailing. For a unique weekend 5 people got the necessary supplies (we will give you some advice afterwards) and enjoyed the beauties of Chalkidiki from another perspective.

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Vote the 2015 best beach in Halkidiki

The best season of the year is summer. Now it is time for you to vote the best beach in wonderful Halkidiki.

Explore the marvelous beaches of Halkidiki and spread the word to your friends! If you are not aware of all of them, visit our dedicated section "Beaches of Halkidiki"

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