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Sani Beach Hotel: Voted the 5th best Hotel in the world!

Sani Beach Hotel in Sani Halkidiki is on the 5th place among the 25 best hotels allover the world in the category "Family Hotels", according to the famous Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice Awards 2015.

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Mount Athos: Aghion Oros

The Holy Mountain. This peninsula has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. It hosts many monasteries on its green rugged slopes which are home to about 2000 monks. Women are NOT allowed to enter Mount Athos and men MUST apply for a permit months before their visit here.

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The visit of Russia's president Putin to Mount Athos

He was the first Russian leader to visit the male-only community, on a narrow, rocky peninsula east of Thessaloniki, Russian TV reported. The trip was part of Mr Putin's two-day visit to Greece.

Mr Putin arrived at the monastic harbour of Dafni on board a private yacht amid heavy security. He visited the Russian Orthodox Saint Panteleimon monastery - one of 20 at the site.

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Live your Myth in Villa Galini

Upon the rocky and barren hill called Galani in the Toronean Gulf is located Villa Galini. A Villa so famous to many famous people all over the world as famous as the story behind its creation.

It's one of a few places all over Greece that has been visited by so famous and glamorous people.

During the summer of 1963 when the feasts to celebrate one thousand years since the establishment of the monastic state of Mount Athos were taking place, a cruise begun from Mount Athos. Among other known Athenians the entrepreneur and ships owner Giannis Karras with his wife, his son and Melina Merkouri were part of this trip. They sail by Sithonia and enter the Toronean Gulf. Giannis Karras loves this place so much that decides to build in an area of 2000 square meters the famous Villa. The building is so glamour thanks to the efforts of its owner. He brings great and recognised personalities which are followed all the time by photographers.

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The Wolf of Wall Street eats Halkidiki green olives!

When we first saw it we couldn’t believe it! But it was a fact! One of Halkidiki’s most common local products actually was featured in a latest Hollywood blockbuster. Of course we are talking about the “Wolf of Wallstreet”.

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A myth you have to know this summer

There are many myths that became well known to the world and are closely connected to Greece. Though there are others that people doesn't know about them and they took place in destinations like Halkidiki where thousands of travelers choose to spend their summer time. So we thought to give you something that you should keep in mind and be thrilled this year if you visit the most crowded summer destination in Greece. Your kids will love it!

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Halkidiki Photoshooting: Kassandra's Peninsula

Kassandra (Κασσάνδρα) is a peninsula and a municipality in Halkidiki, Greece.

Some of the beautiful villages in Kassandra are: Afytos, Fourka, Kalandra, Kallithea, Kassandreia, Kassandrino, Kryopigi, Nea Fokaia, Agia Paraskevi, Chaniotis, Nea Skioni, Paliouri, Pefkochori, Polychrono

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